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11+1 Wine Cellar aims to collect various serises of the well-known French Chateau. At the same time, we also recommend the wine brands which in globally high potential. More than that, we focus on promoting the culture of wine and spirits. 

Customers shop in 11+1 Wine Cellar will experience suprise. If customers pick 11 bottles of wine from 11+1 Wine Cellar, we will then examine and evalute your wine preference. Based on your probed pattern by 11+1 Wine Cellar, we will free you one more bottles of suprise wine. Whereby, Customerss will be able to experience our sincerity and profession. We hope to discover the preference of our customers. 11+1 Wine Cellar loves to share excellent wines with our customers, their family and friends. 

11+1 Wine Cellar主力搜羅法國著名酒莊系列,同時為客人推介世界具有潛力和高品質的酒類品牌。除此之外,為推廣葡萄酒及烈酒文化,客人在11+1 Wine Cellar內選購11枝酒,我們會根據您的選擇,探究出你的喜好和偏愛,為您送上第12枝免費的驚喜酒。籍此客人不但能感受到我們的細心和專業,從每一訂單中更能發掘新喜好,與一眾朋友分享。

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