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Château d'Arche is located at the very heart of a 50 hec- tare vineyard on the small hills surrounding the village of Sauternes. Its unique location allows it to benefit from a par- ticularly favourable climate.

The morning mists dispersed by the sun enable the develop- ment of Botrytis Cinerea, a mi- cro-organism essential to the making of outstanding Sau- ternes wines. The vineyard is planted on a varety of soils which allow for the growth of grapes with specific gusta- tive qualities : strength from gravel, aromas from the clay and subtlety from the silt. The North/South axis of the vi- neyard ensures the grapes a maximum amount of sunshine throughout the day. 

Chateau D'Arche Package

HK$1,300 Regular Price
HK$900Sale Price
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